Tis the season for wild garlic! I love garlic so when wild garlic becomes available for free I make the most of it!

Whenever I have found wild garlic it has been in shaded woodland and sometimes near to water. It used to grow in abundance in Bristol down by the Dingle (just near Blaise castle). Today I found it in the campsite in the Peak District just under a group of trees. It’s usually recognisable by its aroma in the air, white flower and big green leaves but if in doubt, rip a leaf, rub it between your fingers and smell it up close. If it smells of garlic you have hit the jackpot! Note, some articles I have read suggest people may get a skin irritation from touching the plant but I personally have never experienced this. Obviously if you react to normal garlic then perhaps approach with caution.

Wild garlic has most of the same health benefits as normal garlic and may be more effective at lowering blood pressure that the bulb version. It is a lot less potent in taste and can be more easily consumed raw in salads. It is quite popular as a soup and also as a pesto which you can add to things like cauliflower mash to give it some more flavour.

I gathered some leaves today and added them into my one pot (I do like my one pots!) along with some wild mushrooms bought at a farmer’s market.