‘What’s With Wheat?’ is a documentary explaining the issues with modern wheat and the negative impact farming methods are having on our health. It clearly explains why wheat wasn’t an issue 100hundred years ago and why it is now.

The documentary has some great expert interviews and the information is detailed enough to provide the facts but not overly detailed that it becomes too difficult to follow.

The documentary concludes that non-celiac gluten sensitivity affects a high number of people and is linked to seemingly unrelated symptoms (headaches, brain fog, skin issues, allergies etc) to autoimmune diseases and other chronic diseases. It cannot be tested for so the best way to determine if you have a sensitivity is to eliminate wheat for six weeks. Given wheat/gluten is in so many products from food to shampoo, an elimination can often require some support to ensure that it is fully adhered to.

The documentary can be streamed for free (you just need to give an email address) until the 30th June from this link.