The mission at The Truth About Cancer is to eradicate cancer by teaching the world all the best methods to prevent, treat, heal from, and beat the disease…

…And to expose all the mis-information out there causing millions unnecessary suffering (and their very lives).

They’ve received tremendous support so far; they’ve already helped millions of people (and are about to help many millions more – but only with our help).

In the forward for Ty Bollinger’s book called ‘Cancer Step Outside The Box’ , R.Webster Kehr ( writes under the title of factual statistics : ‘A true rate of 90% or more can easily be achieved by cancer patients who avoid orthodox medicine, go with alternative medicine first and do their homework. The true rate of orthodox medicine is 3% or less’ he goes on to say ‘if you go with orthodox medicine first (95% do), and then alternative medicine second , you will have years of suffering and if you are lucky, you will then have 50% chance of survival’ .

Although that last quote sounds a bit negative it is actually very encouraging for people, who have had orthodox treatment. If one chooses to have chemo after watching the first video then there is still an option to increase chances of survival considerably and reduce the harmful effects (of chemo) by looking to natural health at the same time.

These videos aim to give people the information they need to avoid orthodox treatment and have come highly recommended. You can sign up to watch the films following this truth about cancer link, they start airing from 12th April.