I have been a bit quiet posting due to my repatriation. I have now moved back to the UK to begin the next chapter in my life. I am living in the Peak District and getting to know England again and reconnecting with family and friends. I started getting to know the local food sources, farms and markets aplenty but finding ones that use biodynamic holistic farming practices is more of a challenge. It has only been a few weeks but I have found local raw milk, lots of local eggs and an organic beef farm.

Along with food explorations I have been getting to know the countryside with my dogs, finally able to do the long trail walks that I couldn’t do in the desert. The dogs love it and it’s safe to say they do not regret their move to the UK despite the cold weather!

I have started my yoga teacher training course which is challenging me in a new way and will provide the perfect accompanyment to the movnat and crossfit.

I will start posting some new recipes soon including a paleo/vegan chocolate nut & seed bar and pumpkin crackers!