I love chocolate and the great thing about being primal is you don’t have to go the shop to eat it – you just make it yourself!

Play with the ingredient proportions to suit how ‘dark’ or ‘sweet’ you like your chocolate. I have given a starting guideline below. For dark chocolate, use less cacao butter.


  • 60% Cacao/cocoa butter
  • 40% Cacao/cocoa paste (you can use powder, see instruction below)
  • Choice of coconut sugar/raw or organic honey/organic maple syrup to sweeten
  • Optional extras:
    • Hazlenut butter
    • Vanilla bean powder
    • Sea salt
    • anything you like!


  • Heat a pan of water on the stove and then sit a glass bowl inside so it doesn’t touch the bottom. I just use a silicon pan as it is non-stick and I can leave it to set without changing the mixture over. Like this one: http://i.stack.imgur.com/cxzgS.jpg
  • Gently melt the cacao butter and paste together in the pan.
  • If you use cocoa powder, first melt the cacao butter then sprinkle the powder in and mix until the desired chocolate taste is achieved. Yes you have to taste it whilst making it!
  • Again, there is no exact science here on the sweetness, I add about a tablespoon for about 1 cup of finished chocolate but just add it slowly until it tastes about right.
  • Using silicon moulds, pour the chocolate out and put in fridge to set. Will be ready within an hour.
2014-11-09 19.45.23

Hazelnut butter chocolate

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