I have been very busy getting through my NT coursework and last weekend I went to Long Island New York to attend a 3 day workshop. The workshop focussed on the practical side of the consultation process. Now back home, I have my first consultation to complete to then submit for grading!

In order to complete my sixth module, I have to finish a book review (Know Your fats) which has been hard work because it has a lot of chemistry in it. Then mid-term revision over the Christmas break.

I have access to nutria-Q now so I can offer nutritional therapy assessments but I cannot recommend supplements until I complete the course. I can recommend nutritional supplements (i.e. food!).

In the workshop, my own diet and health were assessed and I am zinc deficient which is hard to make up through food alone so I am taking a supplement. I also have been advised to try life without my morning coffee (unhappy face) so I have switched to a roasted chicory/coffee mix for a while before going caffeine free with a chicory/dandelion blend drink. I am incorporating some roasted dandelion root tea during the day as it will help my gall bladder increase bile production, support my liver and my flora!

I am going to make some beet kvass soon, starting with the whey part this weekend, if you haven’t heard of it before check out wellness mama’s post here.

I have a can of pumpkin that needs eating soon so I plan to try to incorporate that into my nuttola following this recipe here.

Kefir is brewing ready for when my family arrive later this week. They haven’t had it before and I am sure they will love the ginger fizziness!

Next job is to sort out the kitchen cupboards to make room for all the food things I brought in the USA that I cannot get here. I may do a post on my pantry soon as it may help newbies know what to stock.