The Primal Peaks Clean Food Programme is not a fad detox diet! It will teach you how to use real food to accomplish your body composition goals and improve your energy, sleep and mood! I will give you all the information and support you need to complete the 21 day challenge and successfully continue after the programme completes. Sessions are now available in Ashbourne, Buxton and Stafford.

Benefits include:

  • Fat Loss
  • Muscle gain (if desired!)
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep
  • Boosted immune system
  • Mental clarity (no more brain fog!)
  • Reduced anxiety & improved mood
  • Improved hormone regulation
  • Improved digestion

Each week will include a short education segment so that by the end of the course you will be confident in continuing to benefit from the healthier food and drink choices you make.  The 21-day challenge will be from Week 3 to end of week 5.

What is included in the course?  This 6-week programme combines a clean food challenge with nutritional education and group support. The course fee includes: all written materials; a goodie bag; ongoing group support between classes; ongoing instructor support between classes; and supplementary handouts and recipes. Participants in the Clean Food Challenge are not required to buy or use any supplements but will be required to invest in ingredients that they may not already have to hand or usually purchase.

Is it for me? Previous participants include:

  • 40-55yr old females looking to improve their body composition & hormone regulation
  • 50+ yr old men with high blood pressure
  • People looking to increase muscle mass / improve gym performance
  • People with sleep issues
  • People with an autoimmune disease
  • People looking to learn how to feed their families for optimum health
  • Vegetarians looking to avoid nutritional deficiencies and eat healthier
  • People with desk jobs, manual jobs & night shift job

How do I sign up? Register to attend one of the FREE introductory 30minute sessions to meet me in person and find out more about the programme and fees. 

More details about the Programme:

The course is a mix of education, support and a 21-day challenge. It is six weeks in duration so that we have plenty of time to prepare for the food challenge as this time planning will help ensure your long term success.

The principles of the Programme are based upon the Primal Blueprint / Ancestral Health philosophy. It offers a practical, step by step plan for how to eat based on your human gene expression (Cows eat grass, birds eat worms, humans eat human food!). It provides a fully supported route to make a transition into a healthier eating pattern. The programme includes all the things you need to know to succeed for the 21 days and every day thereafter. Once you are armed with the knowledge and understanding, you will be ready to turn the 21-Day Clean Food Challenge into a life long eating plan.

This is not a restrictive diet. The goal is to enjoy meals so you are left feeling satisfied. Having adopted this way of eating myself, I want others to experience that kind of food liberation as well. There will be no calorie counting or restriction, this is a whole food approach and that means you need to nourish your body with the right foods to reap the rewards.

The Programme allows you to record your progress daily so you can look back over the six weeks and see how far you have come!

You will be left with not only better health but a new support network through the private Facebook Group. The group is region specific so will provide meal and snack ideas based on availability in your area.