Below are some of the results from people who have completed the Clean Food Programme.

  • Better overall relationship with food
  • Improved sleep
  • Improved mood
  • Better ability to manage stress
  • Better energy levels throughout the day
  • Improved digestive health
  • More motivated
  • Improved muscle mass / strength (based on gym performance)
  • 6% average reduction in bodyweight
  • 4-5% average reduction in hips/waist/thigh measurement
  • 14% reduction in systemic blood pressure
  • More in control of their appetite & less ‘hangry’ (hungry/angry) 

THIS IS IN 21 DAYS!!! Imagine if continued for 3months, a year, a lifetime!!

Below are some testimonials from people who have completed the Clean Food Programme.

“The clean food programme has given me a new lease of life. I have more energy and am getting stronger, fitter and faster at Crossfit. I move better in my daily life too. I always slept well but waking was a slow, painful process. Now I wake a lot more easily and actually manage to eat breakfast before work.  I am slimmer, more toned and definitely fitter than I have been in over 10yrs. I never go hungry, which is very important for me, and I can still eat cake and chocolate and drink wine 😊 Planning and preparation is the key to success for me and the 80/20 principle is really good as it means that I don’t write the whole thing off, just pick it up the next day and keep going.  It has now been 3 months and I’ve gone down from 92.9kg to 81kg”

Waist – 38 to 34″                  Hips – 45 to 40.5″

Thigh – 27 to 23″                  Biceps – 16 to 14″             Chest – 46 to 43″

Julie S (October 2016)

“Cara just wanted to say a big thanks to you for the last six weeks, it’s been a real education into food! I thought I ate a reasonably healthy diet, little did I realise that half the seemingly healthy foods I was eating weren’t doing me any favours at all! I was also really surprised at just how much choice I had on the six weeks and how easy I found it to change my eating habits that will now stay with me for good! So glad I signed up and definitely worth every penny! Thank you Ali xxx” Alison (Oct 2016)

“Really interesting course, I’ve learnt so much about nutrition and how it affects your body. It helps to know why different foods are good/bad for you. Well done Cara xx” Carol (Oct 2016).

“All thanks to you Cara!! Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such an encouraging and enthusiastic way!!! 😘xx” Claire after comparing her before & after photos from the challenge (Oct 2016). 

“Would just like to say thank you for the last 6 weeks. I’ve deffo learned alot and will be making some changes to my day to day diet. Thanks again and thanks to the group as well.” Carl (Oct 2016)

“As a vegetarian, I knew that the primal diet wasn’t designed for my way of eating, and that animal fats and proteins are a major part of the diet. But that didn’t put me off and was I able to stick to a strict vegetarian diet with the help and support of Cara. I have learnt so much about the importance of fats, proteins and supplements and where and how I could find them and implement them in my diet. Following this way of eating I now feel stronger and more motivated than I ever have. I even got a new personal best everyday of our testing week at crossfit – and this was during the clean eating challenge! Who says you can’t be a primal vegetarian!” Jenny (Oct 2016)

 “My parents joined in along with me on the challenge – at first getting dragged along with me, with the meals I was preparing and the types of food now filling our cupboards, but after a few days and realising they were no longer hungry between meals and had so much more energy – they willingly went along! And they have both almost lost a stone each too! (My dad also hasn’t needed one drop of gaviscon since we started our primal diet, when he used to need it every night!) It has been incredible.” Jenny (Oct 2016)

“Thank you for the course. It has totally changed my opinion on food.  I can’t believe how easy I’ve found it to give up processed junk and chocolate!” Bev (Oct 2016).

“I started the course with Cara 6 weeks ago and discovered that I had very high blood pressure. I exercise quite a bit and always thought I had a pretty good diet. The knowledge and information that Cara has shared with us about food and health over the last 6 weeks has been truly eye opening and incredibly helpful. I can thankfully say that I have changed the way I now eat and the benefits have been great. I feel so much better, I am sleeping really well, I am much more alert, my recovery from exercise is much better and most importantly my blood pressure has dropped from 163/103 to 127/ 80! Doing it as part of a group was also great fun, as everyone shared lots of ideas and support. Absolutely great, worth every single penny. A big thanks indeed.” Matt (Oct 2016)

“We have mostly kept it up – it has fundamentally changed our nutrition and we’re both much much better off for it. Its been a very interesting process since finishing. Dabbling with old habits but mindfully breaking them a little at a time, exploring certain food groups and gauging whether they can stay or go or be a ‘once in a while’ option. Finding that nutritional sweet spot but with much more knowledge of my own make-up. It’s really great 🙂 food so much less a source of guilt and shame now, that i can really work on it – all thanks to your ace mentoring 😊 Btw i got the audiobook Gut  (forget the author’s name, a german doctor who specialises in gut health and bacteria) a very complementary read to your teachings 🙂 ” Camilla (August 2016).